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As retirement income planners, our mission at Retirement Income Solutions is to help our retiree and pre-retiree clients develop confidence and peace of mind surrounding their retirement income.


While we certainly are of value to couples, our services can be particularly beneficial to wives who normally pass away after their husbands. This can cause a substantial loss of income to the surviving wife due to the reduction in Social Security income, and pension income should the husband be fortunate enough to have one. We can offer protection for the wife.  At any rate, shouldn't you know where you stand?

May I ask you several very important questions?

(1) When you retire, or if you're already retired, would you like your income to be variable or would you like it set? In other words, are you more inclined at this stage of your life to want a sure thing or a maybe?


(2) How important is it to you to make sure that you never run out of money in retirement?


(3) Since you've accumulated a reasonable amount of money, and risk-taking is for people trying to get what you already have, all you really need to do is to not lose what you've got. So, why are you taking unnecessary risk when you already have enough?


A recent study determined that if a person uses a 5% withdrawal rate each year from their liquid assets for retirement income, they have a 65% chance of running out of money at some point. At 4%, there is still a 43% chance of running out of money. Is this what you want from your retirement?




















Since the Economic effects of the Pandemic, I have noticed a sharp increase in clients concerned about whether they will outlive their income in retirement. Uncertainty surrounding the future direction of the markets, the threat of higher taxes, inflation, health care costs and longevity risks has many Americans searching for answers. These concerns have led me to partner with one of the top retirement income planning firms in the country, (The Simplicity Group), to focus on safe and secure ways to create and protect your retirement income.


This partnership enables me to map out your entire retirement income on one easy to read page.  Through the use of their proprietary software, we are able to clearly illustrate how each guaranteed source of income (Social Security, Pensions, etc.) will interact under varying life circumstances - such as the loss of a pension, or the death of a spouse which can cause losses in income in excess of $40,000 per year from just one of these scenarios. My clients that have walked through this process know when they can retire, when to take social security, what their income will be when they retire, what happens if they have a health event, and respectfully, what happens to their income if their spouse dies.


We would be priviledged to assist you in minimizing or eliminated your most important retirement risks, and to giving you a stronger comfort level as it relates to retirement income.


Please contact me to chat about scheduling a time for an initial meeting, so that we can create your own "Income for Life" Report.


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